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Gallery Dervišas


Vilnius, Lithuania 

February 23-25, 2024



Belgrade-born interdisciplinary artist LEИKA has been called the millenial entry in the generational canon of transgressive Yugoslavian female provocateurs. A protege of the late conceptual artist Stepan Knežević, LEИKA's installations reveal the great indisposition of the modern XX, her aggressive disassociation from her surroundings, and the ultimate nihilism of her self-imposed beguilement. LEИKA’s most controversial exhibition pieces, which she calls “tableau d’abaissiers,” invite spectator interaction and willfull self-effacement, "a means of reigniting the dead," she holds, by "challenging that bourgeois quality of self-esteem." Needless to say, LEИKA's art is not for the aloof, nor the self-serious.


Her most popular exhibit, Art is MeaningLess, a performance-based interactive museum experience mixing video art, architectural installation work, and mixed-media canvas has been deemed by Serbian critic P. Jovanovic, "a radical re-negotiation of ideological, metapolitical, and social mainstays," and by Lithuanian art promoter A. Zilionyte, "a challenging of the established paradigm, not confined by the accepted frameworks of neoliberalism or fashionable anarchism." LEИKA’s art dares to unveil to every spectator their latent and perhaps untapped hypocrisy. 


Art is MeaningLess has traveled across Europe since its debut in 2017, about to make its 6th feature this upcoming January. In 2018, LEИKA founded iLENKA NYC, an art collective and production company based in Brooklyn. A new branch of the collective opens in Los Angeles in 2024. 


Re(Nounce) + Re(Generate)

Mediterranea 18 Young Artists Biennale

Tirana and Durres, Albania, May 4-9, 2017


“Art is MeaningLess”

Fundația Culturală Meta

The Social Room

Bucharest, Romania,  November 10-11, 2017

"Art is MeaningLess"

Galerie Shuster Berlin

Berlin, Germany, July 24 2021




receiving and disseminating form of content and content of form tend to accept a chance of operation through observing standing out of the

whole and gripping onto its dangles not to point out obvious but to

perform subtly as uncertainty is in all what the facts are is not

questioned extended are notions of variability and continuity

of variations possibility particles volumes and silence their

weights tool to explore humans needs and values spacial

notion sharing and intimacy as volumes define space 
imagine your being between body conforms 
molds and adapts to curvature a riddle

or pleasure to skin skeleton and mind 
besides red door and window pane 
in this case other existences vast

scenarios regardless as one may

be sufficient creating variations 
as long as relation is essence 
survive in space for and

with brakes white it is shall

we make in color incredibly

assured of what and how it

may be a mouse a tread

and balls stroll down on

a hole in platform square

at angle and three 
surrounding is in

continuous as of

now infinite flux 
attempt to strain

deviate habits

needs luxury

in all its


"Blue Square" Artificial Reality, lokal_30


to be clear bouncing off within my balloon nothing to do with you

but to see you

all of you who are you shall i write to you you were there in real time i wonder would

i see you

in no time

would i see you would i see you in time you raped me you kissed me you loved me you were you i am i

big boom may be now but the real time times it all up it is now and now and it may be me saying it may be you

in my balloon it may be you for a while it may be you a big boom it may be me too in my balloon


things for pleasure existence to animate own


brain for loved ones want yours new things


things between things in things 

things want yours new things things in things 

things new things things 

fantasize life live fantasy


So academia, what now, that no one is even listening to you? Asked the woman with a dog and sun glasses. Seemed as she was trying to close a bias between most likely harsh times to come of implementing not yet known solutions and inherited or call it current. It was boiling, there was no competition or arrogance, yet concern. Call for collective. Never was this way         before.

"Womanly Work" Artificial Reality, lokal_30

"Toilet Earth" Artificial Reality, lokal_30

"Home Sweet Home" Artificial Reality, lokal_30

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